How Your Diet Affects Your Skin

How Your Diet Affects Your Skin
Posted on 04/26/2017

Everyone knows the saying “You are what you eat”, but how much truth is there to it? While you’re probably safe to assume you won’t turn into a blueberry after eating one like in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, your body definitely reacts to what you eat. Today we’ll be looking at how what you eat affects your skin and appearance, particularly foods that have a negative effect.


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Candy, Soda, & Baked Goods

Things like cakes, cookies, candy, and soft drinks usually contain large amounts of refined sugar, which are simple carbohydrates.  When you consume these simple carbs, they cause the insulin levels in your body to spike, and in turn causes inflammation through your body.  This inflammation commonly manifests itself as breakouts like acne. More long term, the inflammation can negatively affects your skin’s natural elasticity and strength, which can eventually lead to sagging skin and a less radiant appearance.  Indulging in these snacks and sodas less often can really improve your skin’s appearance.

Fatty Protein

Fatty protein rich foods include things like mini pizzas, hot dogs, burgers, and red meat in general. Having too much fatty protein in your diet will eventually result in dull, puffy skin under your eyes in the shape of dark circles.

You can either limit the amount of fatty protein you eat, or choose a bit of a healthier options with lean proteins such as chicken or fish. In fact, certain fish like salmon and sardines actually help your body fight inflammation.


While that cup of coffee in the morning may be the pick-me-up that you need to get through the day, but be aware that caffeine does have an effect on your skin. When caffeine enters your system, it increases the production of a stress hormone known as “cortisol”.  When your cortisol levels are raised, it will often increase the chance of a rosacea or an acne breakout.  If you’re a regular coffee drinker,  your cortisol levels won’t shoot up as much as someone that rarely has coffee.  The easiest way to prevent acne breakouts from caffeine is either to opt for decaf options, or go with the drink that your body will thank you for: water.  Green tea is also a great option, but remember not to add sugar to it!

Salty Foods

Those salty snacks taste so good, but all that salt will cause your to retain more water, making you look and feel puffy and bloated. Iodized salt, which is the kind that you usually sprinkle onto your food, can also aggravate your skin more and cause breakouts.  Just make sure you check your food before you eat it to see how much salt is in it already, and limit how much additional salt you put on your food. If you really need a salty snack, go for nuts. They’re much healthier for you since they contain vitamins and minerals that are actually essential for keeping your skin healthy.

Ask Your Dermatologist About Your Diet

If you’re concerned that your diet is negatively affecting your skin, just give Allen Dermatology a call! We can help you get on the path to healthier skin, so you can feel confident in yourself and know that you look amazing.